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Are your real estate brokerage and branch offices in compliance?

If your company is audited by the Florida Real Estate Commission will you be fined or closed down?

The Real Estate Commission can audit your company at any time, for any reason and if they find you are not in compliance you could be fined, shut down or even worst have your license revoked.

We have been opening real estate offices for over 7 years and have opened almost 70 companies during that period. Not one of the companies we have opened has been fined or failed an audit.

We review your real estate companies processes, policies and procedures to insure they meet standards and guidelines as proscribed by Local, State and Federal compliance rules and regulations. We perform compliance audits by reviewing records, contracts, documents, addendums, policies and procedures, in accordance with regulatory requirements. We evaluate processes for effectiveness and efficiency and at the same time maintain high level of confidentiality.

Contact us before FREC contacts you and we will explain the process. It's worth the call.

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